Montag, 5. August 2013

Aecon: Sonntag - Marks Panel

Hier ein paar Fotos von Crowley.... ähm, ich meine Mark am Sonntag.
Aber im Ernst, da steckt SO viel Crowley in Mark drin, er muss die Rolle echt genießen.

Ein paar Lieblingszitate des Panels vorweg:

"Now that Crowley is human...."
"Who told you that? He might have been faking it all the time."
"Was he faking?"
"Maybe! .... Or not?"

"You are such a great actor and you've played in so many shows."
"Name them all!"
"Ähm... Supernatural... Doctor Who.... ähm..."
"Go on, that's not all."

"I love your british accent. And I loved you in Doctor Who. Was there a show where you had to play someone with an american accent?"
"Yes... Doctor Who!!!"

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